Direct Hire Service

Are you tired of the high prices being charged by staffing companies and not getting what you want?


Congratulations - you have just located a company that agrees with you !

What are our fees?

  •  $995.00 / 30 day replacement guarantee

                                     Entry level position with limited experience requirements

  •  $3,995.00 / 45 day replacement guarantee

                                    Mid level position with some specific experience requirements

  • All other positions will be handled case-by-case based upon position

                                   Upper level position with very specific experience, accredidations, degrees,     

                                   certificates or other unique requirements


                         1) FLAT rate pricing model saves you thousands of dollars for every person hired

                         2) No negotiating needed - lets us focus on your immediate staffing needs

                         3) Risk free - all placements guaranteed and no fees unless you hire our candidates

                         4) Pre-employment assessment testing, drug screening, criminal checks - all included at no extra cost


We are confident that you have never seen prices like this in the staffing industry before.

Are you wondering why we offer this unique pricing model when no one else does?

The answer is simple - we want to be your partner for staffing!!!